Welcome to the CylverWorks blog-site, Parallax!

Mainly this is the space I will use to tell you about:

A) All changes to CylverWorks
B) Pricing
C) Notices about my workload (esp. when it gets very heavy or I have nothing at all to do)

Located to the right of the screen are links to examples of my artwork, the pricing guide, and my contact information.

Thank you!

Contact Me!

The easiest way to reach me is by email at

If you have problems with gmail, use

For MSN Instant Messenger users I can be reached under the above hotmail address or the screen name KJ La'Cylver. I ask that this be used only for CylverWorks business.

Art Price Guide

My art mainly focuses on period, fantasy, and sci-fi characters as well as combinations there of. I work in a manga/anime, style though I am working on incorparating more realism into it.
At this time I do not draw anthropomorphic creatures or most animals on commission. I am working on my skills in these areas and hope to be able to offer these options in the relatively near future.

I mostly do not draw backgrounds, but I am willing to attempt one for you as long as it is not too extensive.

Below are the prices (in American Dollars) I will be charging for all artwork that I do, and a brief description of what you will be receiving. These are basic guidelines for each "level" of artwork, and are flexible. If you wish for something a little different that what is listed below, be sure to state that in your request.

$5-9 -- basic pencil, no shading, no ink, no color, single character ($2.50-4.50 for each additional character)

$10-14 -- basic ink, minimal shading, no color, single character ($5-7 for each additional chararacter)

$15-19 -- basic ink and color, mid-range shading, single character ($7.50-9.50 for each additional character)

$20-30 -- fully shaded, inked, and colored pic, single character ($10-15 for each additional character)

*Note!* For a small fee I can create a desktop wallpaper for your computer from your commissioned artwork! Inquire by email.

I am also willing to draw story illustrations even with my somewhat limited experience in drawing backgrounds/settings. I am also willing to create logos. The prices for these are different than those listed above. If you are interested in this, please email me.

Payment Options
At this time I am not equipped to accept payment by credit card (sorry), but I will accept checks and money orders. Please make all amounts in American Dollars!

Cash Payments: I would prefer not to accpet cash payments by mail, unless there is no other option. Please contact me by email if you have any questions and/or before sending any money.

All shipping charges are paid by the customer!!

I keep an electronic copy of all commisioned artwork and they are free to the customer, only. I will not send any version to anyone else. If there is a request for an electronic copy of the artwork it must come from the one who commissioned me to do the art and I will send it by email to them alone and they can then send it to the person who requested it.

Please send all questions and/or concerns to my email.

Pencil Only

Example of picture done only in pencil, with red colored pencil accents and no shading.

Normally I do not shade or add any color to my pencil works.

(Please forgive the slightly bad bits of anatomy...this is one of my older works...)

(C) CylverWorks 2005

Ink Only

Example of picture with only an ink outline.

Although it was done quickly and a little messily as a test of some new pens I'd bought, it gives you the idea.

(C) CylverWorks 2005

Ink & Color

Example of picture with ink outline and fully colored (i.e., including shading).

I use mainly Prismacolor pencils with a few Crayola colors that are not among my Prisma's.

(C) CylverWorks 2005

More Than Just Art!!

(Watch for falling/airborne craft tools and items)
While I have a large focus on my pencil and ink art, I also enjoy a few other kinds of artitstic endeavors. Below are listed four of my many interests that I offer my services in.
  • Scarves, afghans and blankets of all sizes, with most types of yarn, in just about any pattern! You pick the pattern and yarn or be vauge and let me decide for you, I am fexible.
  • While I work mainly with yarn I am willing to work with crochet thread.
  • 12 years experience!
  • I am still very much in the learning process in this area, but am very near mastering the basic two stitches that make up knitting!
  • I would prefer for the time-being to do only scarves and blankets/afghans in simple patterns until I can learn how to knit other items and/or in a wider variety/more complex of patterns.
  • I can knit with regular yarn and 'novelty' yarns.
  • Only about 3-4 months experience, but learning fast!


  • Simple to complex, small to large, I can do just about anything at all!
  • I work mainly with Aida and EvenWeave fabrics, with limited experience working with linens. I use DMC floss for all projects (with the exception of those that come in a kit)
  • I have a small collection of patterns to choose from or you can supply the pattern. I will also accept projects that come in a kit.
  • Over 12 years experience!
  • Please no cruelwork or ribbon embroidery.

Plastic Canvas:

  • While my knowledge and experience is limited more to what comes in a kit than patterns of my own design, I am willing to attempt most projects in this area!
  • 6-7 years experience!

Prices are based on amount of time the project takes to complete and any supplies I have to purchase in the course of completing the project, but I am willing to give an estimate. For all injuries and requests, please email me.