More Than Just Art!!

(Watch for falling/airborne craft tools and items)
While I have a large focus on my pencil and ink art, I also enjoy a few other kinds of artitstic endeavors. Below are listed four of my many interests that I offer my services in.
  • Scarves, afghans and blankets of all sizes, with most types of yarn, in just about any pattern! You pick the pattern and yarn or be vauge and let me decide for you, I am fexible.
  • While I work mainly with yarn I am willing to work with crochet thread.
  • 12 years experience!
  • I am still very much in the learning process in this area, but am very near mastering the basic two stitches that make up knitting!
  • I would prefer for the time-being to do only scarves and blankets/afghans in simple patterns until I can learn how to knit other items and/or in a wider variety/more complex of patterns.
  • I can knit with regular yarn and 'novelty' yarns.
  • Only about 3-4 months experience, but learning fast!


  • Simple to complex, small to large, I can do just about anything at all!
  • I work mainly with Aida and EvenWeave fabrics, with limited experience working with linens. I use DMC floss for all projects (with the exception of those that come in a kit)
  • I have a small collection of patterns to choose from or you can supply the pattern. I will also accept projects that come in a kit.
  • Over 12 years experience!
  • Please no cruelwork or ribbon embroidery.

Plastic Canvas:

  • While my knowledge and experience is limited more to what comes in a kit than patterns of my own design, I am willing to attempt most projects in this area!
  • 6-7 years experience!

Prices are based on amount of time the project takes to complete and any supplies I have to purchase in the course of completing the project, but I am willing to give an estimate. For all injuries and requests, please email me.