Art Price Guide

My art mainly focuses on period, fantasy, and sci-fi characters as well as combinations there of. I work in a manga/anime, style though I am working on incorparating more realism into it.
At this time I do not draw anthropomorphic creatures or most animals on commission. I am working on my skills in these areas and hope to be able to offer these options in the relatively near future.

I mostly do not draw backgrounds, but I am willing to attempt one for you as long as it is not too extensive.

Below are the prices (in American Dollars) I will be charging for all artwork that I do, and a brief description of what you will be receiving. These are basic guidelines for each "level" of artwork, and are flexible. If you wish for something a little different that what is listed below, be sure to state that in your request.

$5-9 -- basic pencil, no shading, no ink, no color, single character ($2.50-4.50 for each additional character)

$10-14 -- basic ink, minimal shading, no color, single character ($5-7 for each additional chararacter)

$15-19 -- basic ink and color, mid-range shading, single character ($7.50-9.50 for each additional character)

$20-30 -- fully shaded, inked, and colored pic, single character ($10-15 for each additional character)

*Note!* For a small fee I can create a desktop wallpaper for your computer from your commissioned artwork! Inquire by email.

I am also willing to draw story illustrations even with my somewhat limited experience in drawing backgrounds/settings. I am also willing to create logos. The prices for these are different than those listed above. If you are interested in this, please email me.

Payment Options
At this time I am not equipped to accept payment by credit card (sorry), but I will accept checks and money orders. Please make all amounts in American Dollars!

Cash Payments: I would prefer not to accpet cash payments by mail, unless there is no other option. Please contact me by email if you have any questions and/or before sending any money.

All shipping charges are paid by the customer!!

I keep an electronic copy of all commisioned artwork and they are free to the customer, only. I will not send any version to anyone else. If there is a request for an electronic copy of the artwork it must come from the one who commissioned me to do the art and I will send it by email to them alone and they can then send it to the person who requested it.

Please send all questions and/or concerns to my email.